400-year gap, The gap between Malachi and Jesus

The 400-year time gap between Malachi the last book of the Old Testament and New Testament with Matthew the first of the gospels. This period was from about 420BC to about 7BC.

God was fulfilling prophecy and counting down to the time for Jesus to arrive on this earth.

This 400-year gap God hardly spoke to his people. Until Just before Jesus was born.

The Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible started about 284 B.C It was called the Septuagint which means 70.

A number of other major things happened see 400 year gap between Malachi and Jesus.

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Both Daniel in Daniel 11:36-45 and Nehemiah in Nehemiah ?? made comments on this on this 400 year period in History of Israel. They both lived before the events they make comments on: – God is about to send his Son Jesus to earth as a baby.

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