Old Testament Overview – Questions and Answers 33-42

10 Questions
1. Was Deborah the only woman Judge or Ruler in the time of the Judges?

2. God gave Gideon how many hand picked men?

3. Name a woman who is in Jesus’ family tree?

4. Who was the physically strongest man in the Bible?

5. Who was the first king Samuel anoints to be king?

6. Who tried to kill David with a spear?

7. Who did David kill with his slingshot?

8. Which of the sons of King David became king after he had died?

9. Which of the many sons of King Solomon became king after he had died?

10. Why did God want Jonah to give a message to Nineveh in the land of Assyria, an enemy of Israel?

Answers for questions 33-42
1. Yes.

2. 300 fighting men.

3. Ruth the Moabites.

4. Samson.

5. King Saul.

6. King Saul.

7. Goliath.

8. King Solomon.

9. King Rehoboam.

10. So that they could repent and turn to God.

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