Old Testament Overview – Questions and Answers 23-32

10 Questions
1. The life of Moses is found in Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy and one other book?

2. What does the name Manna mean?

3. What was Moses asked to do to the Rock the first time?

4. What did God want Moses to come up the mountain to get?

5. What did God God say not to make?

6. What was Moses asked to do to this time to the Rock?

7. Who lead the people of God after Moses had died?

8. The number of years gap between Adam and Noah?

9. Which man built the Ark under God’s instructions?

10. Rahab is in Jesus’ family tree as?

Answers for questions 23-32
1. Leviticus.

2. What is it.

3. hit it.

4. Ten Commandments or Ten Laws of Moses.

5. “Do not make molten idols.”

6. speak to the Rock.

7. Joshua.

8. 1100 years gap.

9. Noah.

10. The great-grandmother of King David.

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