TIME LINE from 400BC to AD10

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End of the writing of books Malachi and Ezra 400BC TO THE MESSIAH 12BC – 3BC.
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WORLD/SECULAR HISTORY year/month/day Christian History and Jewish History
Historical events in Politics and Business   Events and history that happened in both faiths
    including Christian & Jewish people
     End of the writing of books Malachi and Ezra 400BC 
  458-445BC   Ezra
  430-415BC  Joiada High Priest
Darius 11 Nothos – king of the Persian Empire  423-404BC  
Persian Period  420-330BC  
Lgimouns  420BC  
  410-408BC Johanan High Priest
Bigvais (Bagoas) Governor of Judah  410-408  
  408-???BC  Jaddua High Priest
Artaxerxes II Mnemon  404–359BC
Egyptian revolt against PERSIA  404-341 BC  
Revolt of Cyrus  404BC  
Battle of Cunaxa – Persia between 2 brothers 401BC  
Xenophon’s Anabasis  401?BC  
Greeks invent lead sling shot that went twice as far as stone sling shot 400BC  
Silence for about 400 years  400BC  400 years
Egyptian 28-30th dynasties     
Sacking of Rome by Gauls  390BC  
Artaxerxes III Ochus  359-338BC  
Greece LANGUAGE&Nbsp;    
Victory of Philip over Athens  338BC  
Alexander the Great  336-323BC  
Battle of Granicus  334BC  
Conquered by Alexander  333BC  
Battle of Issus  333BC  
Fall of Tyre  332BC  
Alexander the Great in 21st September 331BC under the cover of a lunar eclipse, took his  331BC  
army across the Tigris River and Conquered the Persian army  331BC  
At 25 he became the “Emperor of the world”     
Alexander died His Kingdom was divided in a 3 way split       
Hellenistic Period: under Egypt (Ptolemies) 330-200BC  
Battle of Ipsus  301BC  
Cleanthes the Stoic  300–220BC
Aratus – Epicureans  circa 270BC
250BC  LXX or Septuagint Translation begun (Greek translation in Alexandria)
Antiochus 111 – 6th ruler of the Seleucid Empire  223-187BC  
Qin Empire (China)  221-206BC  
Under Syria (Seleucids)  200?-166BC  
Han Empire (China)  206BC-AD220  
Overrun by Antiganus  ???BC  
Over run by Ptolemyl     
Conquered by Ptolemy     
  220-190BC  High Priest – Simon II the Just
Rosetta Stone achievements of Ptolemy V of Egypt  204-181BC  
  200BC-AD10  Dead Sea Scrolls
  190-174BC  High Priest – Onias III
  175-172BC High Priest – Jason/Jeshua
Antiochus IV Epiphanes  175-167BC  
  172-162BC  High Priest – Menelaus
  170BC-37BC  Hasmonean Dynasty
     Hasmonean – Family name of the Jews who lead the revolt. Judas Hasmoean nick name was Maccabees the son of Hammer
     Maccabees – nick name given to Judas Hamonean, later extended to his family and party
Antiochus IV Epiphanes a Seleucids. Defiled the temple  167 BC  
167-160 Judas Maaccabeus Leads the Jewish revolt against Seleucid rule
     Israel – HOPES
  166BC-63BC Under Jewish rule (Hasmoneans)
  164BC  Temple purified 14 December 164 BC
     High Priest – Alcimus, 162-156
     High Priest – Jonathan, 153-142
     High Priest – Simon, 142-135
  135-104BC  High Priest – John Hyrcanus 1
135BC-AD66  Qumran Community
     High Priest – Aristobulus I, 104-103
  103-76BC  High Priest – Alexander Jannaeus

 Beginning of Qumrum Community, “The Teacher of Righteousness” Dead sea Scrolls
  76-67BC  High Priest – Hyrcanus II
     Pharisees in power
     High Priest – Aristobulus II, 67-63
Cleopatra VII [queen] – last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt  69BC-30BC  
Roman rule  63BC-AD500  
Roman army under Roman General Pompey conquers Judea and Jerusalem  63BC  
  400BC-AD70  From 400BC to the fall of Jerusalem in AD70 there was a Jewish High Priest
  63BC-40BC  High Priest – Hyrcanus II
Roman rule — ROADS  49BC-AD???  
New Year starts on January 1st for first time, with new Roman calendar  47BC  
Roman Soldier     
Julius Caesar assassinated 44BC
Pathian Invasion  40BC  
Herod the Great starts his rule  40BC  
  40-37BC  High Priest – Antigonus
Herod the Great begins ruling Judea 37BC
  37-36BC  High Priest – Ananel, (Appointed by Herod the Great)
Augustus Caesar- 1st emperor of the Roman Empire  31BC-AD14  
Egypt becomes the property of the Roman Emperor, under a prefect   30BC  
Cleopatra of Egypt dies C
  30BC-AD10  Hillel Chief Priest
Augustus becomes Emperor of Rome 27BC  
  22-5BC  High Priest – Simon, son of Boethus
Herod builds MASADA as a summer place. August  20BC-AD14  
Herod the Great starts to build Herod’s Temple it took 46 years to build. He tore down Zerubbabel’s Temple  20BC to AD25  
     Roman Soldier
     400 Years gap between Malachi and Jesus
Quirinius Governor of Syria  ??BC-AD??  
Publius Sulpicius Quirinus (Cyrenius)  12BC  
     Angel Gabriel announcing Jesus birth
  12BC-4BC  BIRTH OF JESUS (baby Jesus Christmas)
A Census may have began or conclusion  10-5BC  
Roman censuses were every 14 years     
     Angel Gabriel announcing Jesus birth
     John the Baptist told everyone who Jesus was. Luke 1:5-25
  12BC-4BC  BIRTH OF JESUS (baby Jesus Christmas)
     JESUS the MESSIAH was born to Miriam (Mary) (bitter)
     Tribe – Judah line of King David.
     Faith G’D (JAH) therefore G’D’S SON
     Messiah JOUSHA BAR ABBA HAMASHIA Jesus Chris
  5-4BC  High Priest – Matthias, son of Theophilus
  5BC  High Priest – Joseph, son of Elam
  4BC  High Priest – Joezer, son of Boethus
  4-1BC  High Priest – Eleazar, son of Boethus – (Appointed by Herod Archelaus
Augustus Caesar – 1st emperor of the Roman Empire  4BC  
Herod the Great dies  4BC  
Herod the Great’s son Herod Archelaus takes over  4BC  
  AD1 – 6  High Priest – Jesus, son of Sie
  AD7  High priest – death penalty
  if AD32  Death of Jesus or Jesus Crucified Wednesday 10th April AD32 also 14th Nisan
  if AD33  Death of Jesus or Jesus Crucified Friday 14th Nisan
Tiberius Caesar – a Roman Emperor dies  March 16, AD 37  
   Jesus the man who influenced many. Luke
   The Cross – The death of Jesus. Luke 22:1-24:12
   Jesus Coming from the cloud.The same way he went to heaven as in Acts 1:9-11 and Luke 23:50-53 he will come back.
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