Questions and Answers 12-26

12. Why was the Ark built?
13. How high was the tower of Babel?
14. What was the approximate length in years of the gap between Noah and Abraham?
15. How old did Abraham live for?
16. How old did Sarah live for?
17. What were Lot and family told not to do?
18. Melchizedek was both a king and a what?
19. Who was the father of Ishmael?
20. Who was the second of seven persons named before their birth?
21. Who did Hagar run away from?
22. Who did Rebekah marry?
23. The twin brother of Esau was?
24. God later changed the name of Jacob to?
25. King Abimelech was a leader of which people group?
26. What is your favorite Image? Only you can answer this Question.

Answers for Questions 12-26:
12. Because of the Flood that was coming.
13. About 90 meters high.
14. 400 years.
15. 175 years.
16. 127 years.
17. They were told not to look back.
18. A priest of God.
19. Abraham.
20. Isaac.
21. Sarah the wife of Abraham.
22. Isaac.
23. Jacob.
24. Israel.
25. The leader of the Philistines.
26. Your answer is the correct one.

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