752BC – King Shallum the 15th King of Israel

2 Kings 15:10-15. King Shallum ruled in Samaria for one month. He sinned against the Lord and led Israel into sin. He was murdered by Menahem who became the next king.

Remember Shallum had murdered the previous king.

God was not happy with the way the northern Kingdom of Israel was operating and was letting them create a mess so the people and the kings would end up in captivity.

Shallum in Hebrew means: retribution.

Background Reading:

King Shallum – 15th King of Israel

15:10 So Jabesh’s son Shallum conspired against him and attacked him in full view of the people, killed him, and reigned in his place. 11 The rest of Zachariah’s activities are recorded in the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel.

Shallum’s Reign over Israel

12 This is what the LORD told Jehu: “Your children will sit on Israel’s throne for the next four generations.” And that is what happened: 13 Jabesh’s son Shallum began his reign in the thirty-ninth year of the reign of Uzziah, king of Judah. He reigned a full month in Samaria, 14 then Gadi’s son Menahem approached Samaria from Tirzah and attacked Jabesh’s son Shallum, executed him, and reigned in his place. 15 The rest of Shallum’s activities, including the conspiracy that he carried out, are recorded in the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel, are they not?”
2 Kings 15:10-15

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