Questions and Answers 25-43

25. What does the name of Obadiah, the prophet of God, mean in Hebrew?

26. While King Amaziah, 6th King of the House Judah, followed God’s ways, what happened?

27. How did Queen Athaliah die?

28. What did God do during the reign of King Jehu the 10th king of the House of Israel?

29. What age was King Joash, the 8th king of the House of Judah. when he started to rule?

30. What was the Prophet Joel’s message to the people of Judah?

31. Because of the sins of King Jehoahaz, the 11th King of the House of Israel, God allowed?

32. What would King Jehoash, the 12th King of the House of Israel, do before his death?

33. How did King Amaziah the 9th and a good King of House of Judah die?

34. How many named prophets were around when King Jeroboam II, the 13th king of the House of Israel, ruled?

35. King Azariah, the 10th and a good King of Judah, ruled for how many years?

36. Jonah, a Prophet of God. Why did God want Jonah to give a message to Nineveh in the land of Assyria, an enemy of Israel?

37. What area was the Prophet Amos a prophet to?

38. What did God ask the Prophet Hosea to do?

39 . How did King Zechariah the 14th King of Israel fulfill a prophecy of God?

40. What did King Shallum the 15th King of Israel do to the previous king of the House of Israel?

41. What was King Menahem the 16th King of Israel to his people?

42. How did King Pekahiah, the 17th King of Israel, die?

43. What did God think of the rule of King Pekah, the 18th King of Israel?

Answers 25-43:

25. Servant of Jah.

26. Things went well.

27. The army officers killed Queen Athaliah at the Horse Gate on the orders of Jehoiada the priest.

28. During the reign of King Jehu God started to reduce the size of the northern Kingdom of Israel.

29. King Joash was seven years old.

30. That the “Day of the Lord” was coming.

31. King Hazael of Syria defeated the House of Israel time after time.

32. He would defeat Ben-hadad, son of King Hazael of Syria, three times.

33. King Amaziah was murdered by court members.

34. Four- Hosea, Joel, Jonah, and Amos.

35. King Azariah ruled for 52 years.

36. So that they would repent and turn to God.

37. The northern kingdom of the House of Israel.

38. He was asked by God to marry an unfaithful wife.

39. The death of King Zechariah ended the dynasty of Jehu after four generations, fulfilling the prophecy by God in 2 Kings 10:30.

40. Murdered the previous king.

41. Very cruel.

42. Pekah, an army officer, with fifty men of Gilead assassinated King Pekahiah.

43. He sinned against the Lord and led Israel into sin.

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