742BC-740BC – King Pekahiah the 17th King of Israel

2 Kings 15:22-26. King Pekahiah ruled in Samaria for two years. He sinned against the Lord and led Israel into sin. Pekah, an army officer with fifty men of Gilead, assassinated King Pekahiah and succeeded him as king.

Pekahiah was the son of the previous king, King Menahem.

Remember that Jesus was to come from the line of Judah. So what happened in the northern Kingdom of Israel could not affect this.

Pekahiah in Hebrew means: YHWH has opened the eyes.

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King Pekahiah – 17th King of Israel

15:23 Menahem’s son Pekahiah became king over Israel for two years during the fiftieth year of the reign of King Azariah of Judah. 24 He did what the LORD considered to be evil. Just as Nebat’s son Jeroboam had led Israel into sin, so also Pekahiah did not stop doing the same thing. 25 Then Remaliah’s son Pekah, Pekahiah’s officer, conspired against him with Argob and Arieh. Accompanied by 50 Gileadite men, Pekah attacked Pekahiah inside the palace of the king’s compound in Samaria, executed him, and reigned as king in his place.

26 The rest of Pekahiah’s activities, including everything he did, are written in the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel.
2 Kings 15:23-26

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