835BC – Joel the prophet of God

Joel the son of Penthuel wrote a small book or scroll while he lived in Judah. In this book ,Joel gives a detailed description of a severe locust plague that hit Judah and Samaria.

In this event he saw a sign for the final Judgment and warned the people of God to turn to God in repentance. Joel also announced that the “day of the Lord” was coming and would bring even greater judgment.

Background Reading:

The Coming Invasion

1:1 This message from the LORD came to Pethuel’s son Joel.

2 “Hear this, you elders!

Listen, all of you residents of the land!

Has there ever been anything like this during your lifetime,

or even when your ancestors were alive?

3 Pass it on to your children,

and from your children to their children,

and from their children to the following generation.

4 Whatever the devouring locust left behind

the locust swarm has consumed!

Whatever the locust swarm has left behind,

the young locust has consumed!

Whatever the young locust has left behind,

the ravaging locust has consumed!”
Joel 1:1-4

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