The Judgment of the Fourth Trumpet or 4th Shofar

Revelation 8:12. 1/3 of the sun, of the moon and of the stars became dark and that caused 1/3 of the day to be without light, 1/3 of the night also to be without light.

Take a look at the order of Creation in Genesis 1:1-2:3.

We are coming step by step closer to the final showdown between God and Satan.

The trumpet referred to here was a shofar, which is a ram’s horn which the Jews used for religious purposes and for warfare.

Background Reading:

The fourth Trumpet

8:12 When the fourth angel blew his trumpet, one-third of the sun, one-third of the moon, and one-third of the stars were struck so that one-third of them turned dark. One-third of the day was kept from having light, as was the night.
Revelation 8:12

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