Questions and Answers 1 to 21

Questions and Answers to questions 1 to 21 inclusive – the answers are taken from the website.

1. What is your favorite Image and why?

2. Who wrote the Book of Revelation and when?

3. What does Revelation 1:8 say Jesus is?

4. John on the Island of Patmos – how big is the Island?

5. How many churches did John write to?

6. How many characteristics of Jesus are there and name them?

7. Who alone holds the keys of authority and control of Death and Hades?

8. First Church, Ephesus, what image is used?

9. Second Church, Smyrna, what image is used?

10. Third Church, Pergamum, what image is used?

11. Fourth Church, Thyatira, what image is used?

12. Fifth Church, Sardis, what image is used?

13. Sixth Church, Philadelphia, what image is used?

14. Seventh Church, Laodicea, what image is used?

15. What does God sit on in Heaven?

16. What can nobody but Jesus open?

17. 1st Seal – the white horse and rider. What is the rider up to?

18. The Second Seal – the red horse. What does this horse and rider bring?

19. 3rd Seal – the black horse. What does this horse and rider bring?

20. The Fourth Seal – the pale or green horse. The name of the rider?

21. 5th Seal – White Robes. Who are these people with white robes?

Answers 1-21:

1. Your choice is the correct answer.

2. The Apostle John between AD90-AD95.

3. I am the Alpha and the Omega.

4. Rocky island is about 9km by 50km.

5. Seven.

6. Eight characteristics of Jesus. 1. His body. 2. His Hair. 3. His Eyes. 4. His Feet. 5. His Voice. 6. His Right Hand. 7. His Mouth. 8. His Countenance.

7. Jesus.

8. The Tree of Life.

9. Satan.

10. Manna.

11. Morning Star.

12. White robes.

13. Holy City.

14. The Door to your Heart.

15. The Throne of God.

16. The Scroll with Seven Seals.

17. Its rider had a bow, and a victor’s crown had been given to him. He went out as a conqueror to conquer.

18. Judgment and warfare.

19. Famine and diseases.

20. Death.

21. The righteous saints who had been killed.

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