First Cup – The Second Angel

Revelation 14:8. The Second Angel – 1st Cup
The Second Angel delivered the first cup of God’s horror.

The Second Angel preaches the fall of Babylon described in Revelation 16:17-21 and Revelation 18:1-24.

Babylon means: the gate of bel (a heathen god) and confusion. The original city was founded by Nimrod.

It is used in Revelation as the symbol of a great and wicked religious and political system: see Revelation 17, to be destroyed under the seventh vial.

Also read Revelation 16:17-21; 18:1-24.

Background Reading:

The Vision of the Second Angels Sounding his Warning

14: Then another angel, a second one, followed him, saying,

“Fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen!

She has made all nations drink the wine,

the wrath earned for her sexual sins.”
Revelation 14:8

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