Questions and Answers 44 to 63

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Questions for 44 to 63.

44. The opening of the heavenly Ark of God implies that?

45. What does Satan the Red Dragon do?

46. 1260 Days – What does the woman do?

47. The Beast out of the Sea – Who will worship this Beast?

48. The Beast out of the Earth. What are some spectacular signs?

49. The Image or statue of the Beast of the Sea. What can it do?

50. The Mark of the Beast is 666 – Who wins against the Mark?

51. The Lamb and the 144,000 Jewish men. One thing not found in them?

52. The First Angel or Messenger of three Angels with the eternal gospel to proclaim. What does this angel ask us to do?

53. First Cup – The Second Angel says what has fallen?

54. The Third Angel with the Second Cup of God’s wrath – Warns men not to do what?

55. 300 km – The Harvest of the earth. How many Harvests are there?

56. Seven Angels with Seven Plagues. Name a building found in the Old Testament?

57. The First Bowl of Wrath – image 666. What appeared on their bodies?

58. The Second Bowl of Wrath – Sea turned to Blood. What happened to the sea creatures?

59. River of Blood – the Third Bowl of Wrath. What happened to the water?

60. The fourth Bowl of Wrath – on people. The Sun did what?

61. The fifth Bowl of Wrath – Sores and Pain. What did people do?

62. The sixth Bowl of Wrath – war. What happens to the great river Euphrates?

63. The Seventh Bowl of Wrath – Hailstones. What is the weight of these Hailstones?

Answers to 44 to 63 inclusive.

44. God is about to do something and also talk with His chosen and redeemed people.

45. The Red Dragon gives life to the first of three beasts.

46. The woman flees into the wilderness.

47. Those who have not their names written in God’s Book of Life.

48. Even making fire come down from heaven to earth in front of people.

49. The The image speaks and deceives people because it is alive or appears to have life.

50. Satan and his team are going to make it as hard as possible for God to win but God does Win.

51. In their mouth no lie was found.

52. “Worship the one who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water.”

53. “Fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen!”

54. Warning men not to take the mark of the beast or worship him, as doing so will bring eternal doom in hell on them.

55. Two.

56. The Temple.

57. A horrible, painful sore appeared on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshipped the image.

58. Every living thing in the sea died.

59. Rivers and springs of water into blood, therefore not fit to drink.

60. Stars flare up and produce a lot of heat at half their life expectancy.

61. Cursed the God of heaven because of their pain-filled sores.

62.Its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.

63. Hailstones fall weighing about 50 kg.

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