King Jehoahaz the 17th King of Judah

2 Kings 23:31-35 and 2 Chronicles 36:1-4. King Jehoahaz was 23 when he inherited the throne from his father King Josiah and he ruled for 3 months as king in Jerusalem. He was deposed and deported to Egypt by King Neco and died there. King Jehoahaz’s older brother Eliakim was made king in his place by Pharaoh Neco, who named him Jehoiakim.

King Jehoahaz was evil in God’s eyes.

King Neco imposed a tax of one hundred talents of silver and one hundred talents of gold which in turn forced the next king of Judah, King Jehoiakim, to tax the people of Judah.

Jehoahaz in Hebrew means: (The Lord is) holding.

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Jehoahaz the 17th King of Judah

23:31 Jehoahaz was twenty-three years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem three months. His mother’s name was Hamutal daughter of Jeremiah; she was from Libnah. 32 He did evil in the eyes of the LORD, just as his fathers had done. 33 Pharaoh Neco put him in chains at Riblah in the land of Hamath so that he might not reign in Jerusalem, and he imposed on Judah a levy of a hundred talents of silver and a talent of gold. 34 Pharaoh Neco made Eliakim son of Josiah king in place of his father Josiah and changed Eliakim’s name to Jehoiakim. But he took Jehoahaz and carried him off to Egypt, and there he died. 35 Jehoiakim paid Pharaoh Neco the silver and gold he demanded. In order to do so, he taxed the land and exacted the silver and gold from the people of the land according to their assessments.
2 Kings 23:31-35
Also read 2nd Chronicles 36:1-4.

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