Questions 1-20

King Pekah the 18th King of Israel


1. Which of the sons of King David became king after he had died?

2. How many years did King Abijah or Abijam the 2nd king of Judah regin?

3. Did King Asa ruled for 41 years?

4. While King Jehoshaphat 4th King Judah walked with the LORD the nations around him did what?

5. As King Jehoram 5th king of Judah forsook the Lord what started to happen?

6. Who was King Ahaziah the 6th King of Judah mother?

7. What was Queen Athaliah the 7th King of Judah in God’s?

8. What was Joash the 8th King of Judah in God’ eyes?

9. Did King Amaziah 9th King of Judah allways followed God’s ways?

10. How many years did King Azariah the 10th and a good King of Judah rule?

11. Did King Jotham the 11th walk with God?

12. King Ahaz the 12th King of Judah do what was pleasing to God?

13. King Hezekiah was the 13th King of Judah had help from which prophet of God?

14. How many years did King Manasseh the 14th King of Judah rule for?

15. What is said King Amon the 15th King of Judah did?

16. King Josiah the 16th and was the last king to do what?

17. Where did King Jehoahaz 17th king of Judah die?

18. Where did King Jehoiakim 18th king Judah end up?

19. Was King Jeoiachin 19th Judah was evil in God’s eyes?

20. What happened to King Zedekiah the 20th King of Judah?


1. The northern kingdom was called the House of Israel and the southern kingdom was called the House of Judah. Is this correct?

2. Abijah reigned in Jerusalem for three years.

3. Yes.

4. Feared him because he had God’s protection.

5. Things started to unravel for the Kingdom of Judah.

6. Athaliah the granddaughter of Omri.

7. A very unpleasant person.

8. He was good in God’s eyes.

9. No.

10. Ruled for 52 years.

11.King Jotham became powerful because he walked steadfastly with the Lord God of Israel.

12. He did not do what was pleasing to the Lord God.

13. Isaiah, the son of Amoz.

14. 55 years.

15. He rejected the Lord.

16. He was the last King of Judah to please the Lord God.

17. He was deposed and deported to Egypt by King Neco and died there.

18. He was taken in chains to Babylonia by King Nebuchadnezzar.

19. Yes.

20. King Nebuchadnezzar later deported King Zedekiah to Babylon.

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