Questions 1-14

1. Where did Jesus start His ministry?

2. What did Jesus ask John the Baptist to do for Him?

3. What was John the Baptist infering? When he said “I am not worthy to untie the sandal.”

4. How many days did Satan tempt Jesus in the wilderness?

5. Can you name any of Jesus’ first disicples?

6. What did Jesus do to the large water jars when he was at a wedding in Cana in Galilee?

7. What city did the talk of Nicodemus and Jesus take place?

8. What did the woman at the well end up getting from Jesus?

9. The second time Jesus calls for disciples what area was He in?

10. What did Jesus say to the man on a mat?

11. How did Jesus heal two blind men?

12. How many of the twelve Aposels can you name?

13. What was also happerning while Jesus was teaching the disciples and the crowd?

14. What did the Roman Centurion ask Jesus to do?

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