400 years between the Two Testaments: Click on an image for more information. This approximately 400 year period has all sorts of things happening including wars and ends with a birth of a very important person.

Start of the 400 Year gap between Malachi and Jesus

The time gap between Malachi the last book of the Old Testament and Matthew the first of the gospels. God did not speak to His people Israel via anything written by the prophets of the time is recoding at this time. Daniel in Daniel 11 prophesied about this 400 years and maybe other prophets. Men and women who followed the ways of God lived all during this time. Some of the names that have survived over the years are: Anna the prophetess in Luke 2:36-38, The Family of the Maccabees and there were others.   Read more »

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great in a few short years ruled a very large empire. He came to the throne in 336BC and died thirteen years later in Babylon at the age of 32 in 323BC Alexander imported from Greek colonists and culture to the East which is still seen in these countries to this day. After his death, it was split into four regions. See Daniel 7 The Bear and Daniel 8 the He-Goat with a single horn. Check out Daniel 11 and what it says about the 400 year period.   Read more »

Antiochus IV Epiphanes

Antiochus IV Epiphanes ruled the Seleucid Empire from 175 BC until his death suddenly dying of disease in 164 BC. Antiochus IV Epiphanes created a problem when he put a pig in the Temple 167 BC. He killed over a three-day period in Jerusalem forty thousand people and sold as slaves forty thousand people. Antiochus IV Epiphanes name means: manifestation of the god.   Read more »

Hasmonean Dynasty, This family stayed faithful to God

The celebrated Jewish Hasmonean family 170-37BC that defended the Jewish rights and customs. This Jewish Hasmonean family and other Jewish families stayed faithful to God during the time called the 400 years between the old and New Testaments. Old Testament Bible reference: this happened in the silent 400 years period. Purified the temple in 164BC that had been built by Zerubbabel, from which we get the feast of Hanukkah or the Festival of Lights or the Feast of Dedication. The Jewish festival of Hanukkah celebrates the re-dedication of the Temple following   Read more »

Temple built by Zerubbabel is purified and rededicated

The Temple built by Zerubbabel was purified 14th December 164BC. From this act of dedication, we have the Feast of Lights or the Feast of dedication also known as Hanukkah. Zerubbabel had this temple built in 516BC and lasted until 70BC. Herod remolded this temple during his reign. Zerubbabel in Hebrew means: offspring of Babylon.   Read more »

High Priest

From 400BC to the fall of Jerusalem in AD70 there was a Jewish High Priest. The High Priests job was to lead the people in the daily sacrifices in the temple in Jerusalem. High priest as in Moses
High priest as in Easter.   Read more »

High Priest – John Hyrcanus II

John Hyrcanus II, eldest son of Alexander Jannaeus and Alexandra, High Priest 76BC-66BC and(restored) 63BC-40BC. The position of High Priest often was very political but Hyrcanus was a weak person who was controlled by many in his lifetime. His life ended when he was murdered by Herod the Great in 30BC. John Hyrcanus II was but one of fifty or more High Priests from the Babylonian exile about 515BC to the fall of the Temple in AD70 that served in the Temple in Jerusalem.   Read more »

Roman Soldier

Two brothers from the Hasmonean dynasty in 63BC, Hyrcanus and Aristobulus, vied for the throne in Jerusalem because neither could win they invited Rome to intervene which they did and the Roman overloads did not leave until the Empire fell some 500 years later. The Romans were seen as a foreign occupying force by many of the local Jews. The headquarters of the Roman army was at Caesarea with a seaport called Sebastos. In 63 BC the Roman general Pompey was only too happy to come to their assistance.   Read more »

Herod the Great, Matthew 2:16-18

Herod the Great becomes the ruler of Israel. He ruled Palestine the Roman word for Samaria or incorrectly known as the west bank 37BC-4BC. Herod builds MASADA as his summer palace. The Roman Senate had appointed Herod, an Idumean, as king of Palestine in 37BC. He dies during 4BC. In Greek Herod means: heroic.
Background Reading: 2:16 Herod flew into a rage when he learned that he had been tricked by the wise men,   Read more »

Temple Built By Herod The Great

Herod started to build this temple in 20BC by tearing down the Temple in the city of David that Zerubbabel had built in 516BC. The new Temple took 46 years to rebuild. It was finished about AD25 see John 2:20. So it was basically a new building at the start of Jesus' ministry and was in the process of being built when he was presented as a baby and as a twelve-year-old when he went for a visit and listen and talk with the elders and teachers who taught at the Temple in Jerusalem. Herod The Great had a fetish for building things he completed many projects including a Port   Read more »

End 400 Year gap between Malachi and Jesus

We have reached the end of the 400 year period and the start of God talking to his people again.
BC stands for Before Christ.
BCE stands for Before the Common Era.
AD stands for Anno Domini which means: year of the Lord.   Read more »

John the Baptist Suffered wearing sheepskins, Luke 1:5-25

John told everyone who Jesus was. John was the forerunner to Jesus. John was the last of the Old Testament prophets because he started his ministry before Jesus started His. The Angel Gabriel announced to Zechariah the priest about the birth of his son John the Baptist.
Background Reading: 1:5 During the reign of King Herod of Judea, there was a priest named Zechariah, who belonged to the priestly order of Abijah. His wife was a descendant of Aaron, and her name was Elizabeth. 6 Both of them were righteous before God,   Read more »

The Angel Gabriel Talks To Mary, Luke 1:26-38

The Angel has a message for Mary and sings at Jesus' birth The angel Gabriel tells Mary that she will have a baby and to call him Jesus. Also that Elizabeth her cousin is six months pregnant. The Angel Gabriel was one of about three Archangels, the most important angels in God's realm. Michael is the other mentioned in the Bible. Satan is a fallen Archangel. The Angel Gabriel also announces to Zechariah the priest about the birth of his son John the Baptist.   Read more »

Jesus A Newly Born Baby, Luke 2:1-7 & Matthew 1:18-25

The town was full of people because of the Roman census. There may well have been a Jewish feast happening at the same time. One of the few private places available for Jesus' birth was where the animals were housed. After He was born Mary wraps Him in a soft cloth and places Him in the animals' manger which serves as His crib, or cradle. Possible dates of the birth of Jesus.
Background Reading: 2:1 Now in those days an order was published by Caesar Augustus that the whole world should be registered.   Read more »

Jesus the Man

Jesus the only perfect man who walked this earth. His public ministry was but three and a half short years. God had planned (promised) something better for us so that only through Jesus we can come to the father. Together with Jesus we would be made perfect.
Background Reading: Old Testament Bible references: Genesis 1:1-, Isaiah etc.
New Testament Bible references: Mark, Luke, John, Revelation etc.   Read more »

The death of Jesus on the cross, Luke 22:1-24:12

Jesus died on a Roman death machine to bring us life. The main purpose of Jesus' life was for Him to die on the cross, and then to be raised to life from the dead. This resurrection enables us to access God, His Father. In Genesis 3:14-15 God said to Satan he was going to lose and His son Jesus was going to win the war between Satan and God over mankind. Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life." We also meet Jesus again in the book of Revelation as the Lamb of God.   Read more »

Jesus is coming from the cloud

The next two verses cover the return and eternal being [eternity] of Jesus - Revelation 1:4-8 The same way he went to heaven as in Acts 1:9-11 and Luke 23:50-53 he will come back. Jesus went back to heaven so he could send the Holy Spirit who would help us. The Holy Spirit is a person and the third person of the Trinity.
More Information: John the Baptist was a cousin of Jesus. The father and mother of John were Elizabeth and Zacharias.   Read more »

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The Birth of Jesus is the first of 8 sections or modules of the New Testament. The Birth of Jesus covers from the announcement to Mary from the Angel Gabriel to Jesus' coming to the age of 12 years and His death on the cross.The Scriptures are mainly taken from the gospels of Luke and Matthew, as well as some Old Testament scriptures. Included in the line up are Magi, Herod the Great, Simon, Anna, Angels, Shepherds, and the mother of Jesus and her husband Joseph.
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Time Line for 400 years

Time Line for 400 years - 450bc-ad10.
Time Line for 400 years - 450bc-ad10.
Time Line for 400 years - 450bc-ad10.
Time Line for 400 years - 450bc-ad10.   Read more »

Background Information: 400 Silent Years

Background Information: 400 YEARS: Background Notes And Study Material Page.
Background Information: 400 YEARS: Background Notes And Study Material Page.
Background Information: 400 YEARS: Background Notes And Study Material Page.
Background Information: 400 YEARS: Background Notes And Study Material Page.   Read more »

Resources: 400 Years

Resources WEBSITES: Birth of Jesus - Easter - Revelation - Life of Moses
BOOKS: Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ - Harold W. Hoehner - Zondervan 1977 Bibliotheca Sacra Volume 130 and131, Doctoral Dissertation 1964 Revived 1972 Dallas Theological Seminary. He has written other books.
A Harmony of the Gospels and Analytical out line of the Harmony A T Robertson 1922 renewed 1950 Harper & Row Publishers.   Read more »

Now we move on to the New Testament starting with the Birth of Jesus.